Retired PBA Member Jack Nelson Speaks Some Truth on Policing In Ithaca & "Reimagining" IPD.

For some truth about how the City of Ithaca, New York has mistreated their Police Officers and allowed for the destruction of their own Ithaca Police Department by Svante Myrick, the Center for Policing Equity and other key players in City Hall take a few moments to read this next article, article, "Jack Nelson Continues Family Legacy in Trumansburg Police", in a series written by Deidra Cross at Tompkins Weekly who had the courage to practice ethical journalism and report in a balanced and factual manner.  

We commend our former member and friend, JB Nelson, for speaking the truth and although we miss him at IPD, we're happy JB found himself serving in a place that truly appreciates him, Trumansburg, NY.

Our community needs fewer divisive blogs like the Ithaca Voice and more responsible, ethical and balanced reporting by journalists like Ms. Cross and publications like Tompkins Weekly.

Who will fill the vacancies at IPD created by the departure of our most experienced, diverse and talented Police Officers?

How can we repair the damage that has been done and make Ithaca safe?


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