Ithaca Police
Benevolent Association

Ithaca’s police officers put on their uniforms and report for duty each day with one thing on their minds: your safety. The Ithaca Police Benevolent Association is proud to represent your officers and give back to the community we're sworn to protect and honored to be an integral part of.

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About Us

We aim to provide the best police service possible by engaging with the community, emphasizing the highest degree of training, professionalism, ethical behavior, and cooperation with the ultimate goal of creating an atmosphere of peace, safety and security for all with ties to our great Ithaca community.

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To help us better serve you and this great community we all call home, please feel free to support us by joining our mission through participation in any of our events or by donating towards our cause of keeping Ithaca safe and ensuring a better tomorrow for our community.  No amount or gesture goes unnoticed or unappreciated.

Thank you for your ongoing support.  The Ithaca Police Benevolent Association is honored and humbled for the opportunity to continue serving you.